Wood is a wonderful, wanky material, but with the right tools and knowledge you can wrangle it into straight, square boards. In this class we will learn how to use the bandsaw, jointer, planer to take rough cut lumber into the boards you’ve been looking for. This 2-part workshop will be focused on making a cutting board that is beautiful, functional, and handmade. You’ll even get to customize it with a laser engraved design of your own.

The first week of class we will cover the the anatomy of wood and how to use a jointer and planer. Then we will design and build our cutting boards and set them aside to dry. When we come back the next week we’ll flatten, sand and finish our cutting boards.

Want to have a friend come along to make the class extra fun? Grab a “Bring a Friend” and the two of you can work together on your cutting boards and both walk away with the know-how.




Wednesdays, June 17th + 24th


7pm – 9:30pm


$69/$59 Early Bird

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