Emily Meekins

February 2014


Through all of the programming, workshops, family events, and collaboration that takes place here at DM+D, I’ve found that the most rewarding results arise when there is an overarching sense of community present. During both of our Make Your Philly Holidays Events, and again during this past weekend’s Make Your Philly Valentines, the feeling of togetherness that radiated throughout the space of once complete strangers was beautiful.

The room was filled with excitement and everyone who was present was open to helping those around them, sharing their ideas, exploring new ones and building new relationships. Not only watching the kids exploring and interacting with other kids, but watching the adults let go of their inhibitions and do the same, is what made the event a true success. Creating an environment that keeps people excited, engaged, and looking for more opportunities within the organization is what we strive to embody. Establishing DM+D as a hub for community engagement and a place for kids of all ages to explore the world of making starts, and is made possible, with days like this past Saturday.